Recent advances in information technology have led to the exponential increase in electronic textual data availability resulting in the well known problem of information overload. Text mining is a field that aims at discovering “useful and previously unknown ‘gems’ of information in large text collections” thus trying to maximize the benefits of increased textual availability. Text mining has been applied in many fields and applications examples of which include security, biomedical applications, on-line media, sentiment analysis, marketing applications and academic applications, among others. The text mining field interrelates with other fields including data mining, statistics, web mining, information retrieval, natural language processing and machine learning.

About Us

The Text mining research group was established within the Center for Informatics Science at Nile University and is headed by Dr. Samhaa El-Beltagy. Our group is an interdisciplinary research group interested in a variety of topics within the field of text mining, examples of which are sentiment analysis, information retrieval, named entity recognition, information extraction, social media analysis, auto tagging, semantic annotation, ontology learning, among others.


Nile University, Center for Informatics Science, Text Mining Research Group.

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